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Submit a Claim

Please download the Intake & LOR below, sign them, and upload them via the submit your docs section below. If this is your first time, check our steps to upload properly your claim documents. 

Step 1

Review each document description and click on "View Sample doc" to see an example of how it should be filled out.

Documents to download

Desk with Laptop

Letter of Representation 

A Letter of Representation or LOR is a written statement signed by the company’s management and the insured, which will allow the PA (Public Adjuster) to handle all the aspects of the claim on behalf of the insured.

Laptop and Paperwork

Intake Form 

An Intake form is the preliminary paperwork for customers to fill out to determine the extension of the information needed to proceed with the claim process. Therefore, these forms ask for information about the person and the property. 

Still have doubts on the documents?

Check these two useful guides


1. Guide for the LOR

LOR - Guide

Use this colorful guide to know exactly what information is requested in each field.

LOR - Guide, Paragraph 2

Or in other words... Handling of the claim will be carried out by the PA and the insured authorizes the PA to be considered as an additional payee for this claim.

LOR - Guide, Paragraph 3

Or in other words... Percentage agreed to be paid to the PA and ways of resolving the claim settlement.

LOR - Guide, Paragraph 4

Or in other words... Agreement to hire additional services from experts as it may be deemed and to handle any necessary mortgage endorsements.

LOR - Guide, Paragraph 5

Or in other words... Acknowledgement of possible results of the claim and declaration about the information provided to the PA being true and accurate.

LOR - Guide, Signatures

Primary and secondary insured’s names and signatures and date in which it was signed.


2. Guide for the Intake Form

Intake - Guide 1

Add your Mortgage company in case you have one.

Intake - Guide 2

This one is for existing claims.


Upload your docs here


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