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Homeowner's insurance policy review & consultation

You have two options to get a thorough review of your policy. You can either schedule a 30-60 minute video chat with one of our experts or send us an email with your policy attached. We will conduct a full analysis and provide you with an explanation of your coverage options and recommendations on how to make the most of your policy in the future.

Insurance Claim Assistance

Once you give us your approval, we can proceed with filing your claim and coordinating the inspection and investigation with your insurance provider. We will also negotiate the claim on your behalf if required and assist you in finding a reliable contractor to handle any necessary work. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help you restore your home to its original state!




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CLient & Claim Services

Our team consists of customer service professionals who have a wealth of experience in explaining the claims process to homeowners. We begin our process by making an initial phone call to introduce ourselves and guide you through the claims process. Depending on your needs, we can file the claim, work with the insurance adjuster to investigate, negotiate the claim (as outlined in our Claim Adjustment & Negotiation services), and confirm insurance payments before finalizing and closing the claim.

Claim Adjustment & Negotiation

We are licensed public adjusters who operate in Arizona, and hold licenses in Texas, Florida, and Indiana. We are actively working on obtaining licenses in other states across the country. Our primary goal is to negotiate claims on behalf of your clients, protecting them from dishonest insurance providers. When you partner with us, you can concentrate on finding clients who need your help, and leave the insurance companies to us.

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We are always developing more services, according to the needs of our clients and customers. Let us know what you need, we'd love to work with you!

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