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About us


Who are we

Our team consists of dedicated, young, and eager claim adjusters, experts, and skilled professionals who are committed to helping homeowners maximize their insurance policy benefits. Additionally, one of our main goals is to help contractors to focus on their essential skills of constructing and safeguarding our homes.


How did we come together

Our ownership group came together while improving their skills in client support, claim negotiation, and adjusting training. At the beginning of their careers, they saw the worst of the industry - unresponsive insurance adjusters, undertrained and overworked contractors, and a culture of cutting corners. These experiences led to the creation of BrightHive Solutions.


Why was BrightHive Solutions



BrightHive was founded and operates to improve as much as possible the insurance claim process by holding all parties accountable, providing efficiency via clear and regular communication with all, and ensuring all matters are handled professionally and timely.


BrightHive's core values of Integrity, Communication, and Diligence are not just words but our reason for existence.

Founded in 2023, BrightHive is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, licensed in Arizona, Texas, Florida, and Indiana, and obtaining new licensure as we expand our services.


What do we do

Our goal is to assist homeowners in comprehending their policy and different coverages long before any calamity occurs. We assure our homeowners are fully compensated according to their policy coverage when a disaster strikes.

Our business partners consist of primarily roofing contractors who allow us to take on various responsibilities depending on their specific needs. These include filing and investigating claims, negotiation with the insurance provider, client communication throughout the process (we cater to both English- and Spanish-speaking clients), various training sessions (individual and group settings), and compliance verification.



Our team came together in search of the three values used to found this company; undying Integrity, clear and consistent Communication, & unparalleled Diligence.


Our team has observed the negative effects of the insurance industry, even though insurance adjusters and providers do not intend to complicate or harm policyholders in any way. Homeowner's insurance policies are often filled with legal terminology that can be difficult to understand for both homeowners and contractors. Besides, in most cases, contractors are busy building and protecting our homes and may not have the time to navigate the complex legal procedures for interpreting policies, determining coverage, negotiating a claim, and holding the insurance provider accountable. There is where we come in!


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